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Innovative. Refreshing. Artist Friendly.

Love Pulse Music is a new approach to traditional music industry operations. We are a boutique music production house that creates music for TV, Film, and various other media forms. If you’re an industry professional, you’re in the right place. Let us help you take your project to the next level.

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Pre-made. Pre-cleared.

 Music to solve all your licensing woes

Choose from a library of music free of licensing hassles.

All our music is screened. That means no samples. No surprises.

Dive into our new releases playlists below.


A place to bring your vision to life

Our artists are here to fulfill your creative needs.

You can even request custom music to be made for you.

How cool is that?


Meet Your Team

We have a clear vision and understanding of what you want for your project. Get to know the people making your project become a reality.


Got a project that needs original music?

We can create a custom song perfect for your needs.

Check out some of our custom songs for TV below.